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Alias Nick Beal (John Farrow, 1949) DVDRip VO+SE

                                "Alias Nick Beal"(1949)

Año: 1956
Pais: Estados Unidos
Director: John Farrow
Productor: Endre Bohem
Reparto: Ray Milland; Audrey Totter; Thomas Mitchell; George Macready; Fred Clark; Geraldine WallGuion: Jonathan Latimer
Musica: Franz Waxman
Fotografia: Lionel Lindon
Duracion: 93 min.

This modern-day "Faust" variation benefits from a superb cast. Thomas Mitchell plays Joseph Foster, an honest judge who wants to become governor. Blocked by corrupt political forces, Foster would practically have to make a deal with the Devil to reach his goal. Enter Nick Beal (Ray Milland), a diabolically handsome gent with a slick line of patter and a smooth, infallible method of getting things done. Failing to recognize his benefactor's true identity (after all, Nick has no horns or cloven hooves) Foster agrees to the deal whenNick assures him that the end result is for the good of the people. To bind the bargain, Nick sends out one of his most trusted associates, Donna Allen (Audrey Totter), to keep Foster in line. When Foster finally realizes that he's sold his soul, there seems to be no way out..but that's when the forces of Good, represented by Foster's wife Martha (Geraldine Wall) and his clergyman friend Thomas Gaylord (George Macready), switch into high gear.(http://www.allmovie.com)



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