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Circuito Chiuso (Giuliano Montaldo, 1978) TVRip VO + SE

Circuito Chiuso (Giuliano Montaldo,1978)VO+SE

AÑO: 1978

GÉNERO: Giallo

DIRECTOR: Giuliano Montaldo

PRODUCTOR: Mario Gallo y Enzo Giulioli

GUIÓN: Nicola Badalucco
ARGUMENTO: Mario Gallo y Giuliano Montaldo
FOTOGRAFÍA:Giuseppe Pinori
MÚSICA: Egisto Macchi
REPARTO: Flavio Bucci, Tony Kendall, Aurore Clément, William Berger, Giuliano Gemma, Luciano Catenacci.
ARGUMENTO: An audience is watching a western in a cinema. Then suddenly a gunshot is heard and an man dies in his chair...shot. The police immediately starts an investigation and nobody is to leave the theater. The killer has to be in the building so it has to be just a matter of time that the killer will be found. But the strange thing is they cannot find him or any weapon. Further investigation reveals some strange facts and when they reenact the situation another man is killed in the same chair.



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