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Komisario Palmun erehdys (Matti Kassila, 1960) DVDRip VO+SE

"Inspector Palmu's Error" (1960)


TÍTULO: Komisario Palmun erehdys / Inspector Palmu's Error / Mysterious Case of the Rygseck Murders
AÑO: 1960
PAÍS: Finlandia
DIRECTOR: Matti Kassila
INTÉRPRETES: Joel Rinne (Frans J. Palmu), Elina Pohjanpää (Irma Vanne), Matti Ranin (Toivo Virta)
ARGUMENTO: A closed room mystery begins when an infamous tycoon is found dead in his bath tub. The famous police lieutenant Palmu is summoned to investigate.

This excellent, suspenseful thriller by Finnish director Matti Kassila inaugurated a series of 1960's crime dramas that featured the friendly ace sleuth, Inspector Palmu (Joel Rinne). Kassila has used a technique of telling the story from two different perspectives in time, and he manages to pull it off to the effect of added tension. Sharp humor also transforms an already effective story into an even better tale. Murder, blackmail, alcoholism, and intrigue challenge Inspector Palmu to his limits.

Inspector Palmu
The lovable but extremely grouchy Inspector Frans J. Palmu of the Helsinki Police Department made his first appearance in 1939 in Kuka murhasi rouva Skrofin? (Who Killed Mrs. Skrof?), and the success of this led to two other novels and - perhaps even more significantly - to a quartet of very popular films from the 1960s. The name and character of Inspector Palmu (as played by the late Joel Rinne) is instantly recognisable to all but the youngest Finns, with his trademark sarcasm, cigar, bowler hat, and muffler.

Película y subtítulos en inglés gracias a Bastard80.

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